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How times have changed! Years ago, many people had gardens that they enjoyed puttering around in and garden tips, as well as ‘ plant-starts ‘, would be exchanged over the back fence. But now, life is much busier and many homeowners either have a landscape company come in to keep the garden tidy or the garden is still just far-off future dream. However, for those now wanting to develop their own outdoor spaces, (especially those with  brand new gardens) but lack the plant knowledge or design ability, help is at hand !

 As a passionate gardener, I am now offering to share my expertise and design abilities with the residents of White Rock and South Surrey, here on the West Coast of British Columbia, as a Garden Coach.. This means that I will help you develop an over-all concept for your gardens and then advise which plants will be suitable. Or, if you need just  a little assistance, I will help in that way, as well.  And of course, one of the most important things to keep in mind is that a Garden Coach must have a good working knowledge of the plants. I have a passion for design and details, and can offer helpful ideas regarding the placement of plants that will result in a balanced and cohesive  look.

  To learn more, check out my garden site at http://www.greendesign-gardenstolivein.com and see some BEFORE AND AFTER shots of my work.” Happy gardening!

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Check out my blog to see what’s happening in the garden and for relevant gardening tips at greengardeningtips.net